Everybody Loves Food

It doesn’t matter if you identify as Vegan, Vegetarian, a Meat-eater, Pescatarian, or a just a regular old LeanBacker….everybody loves food! Let’s talk about our love of food. Welcome to our BLOG!!!


First, I would like to say welcome to the new and improved LeanBack Soul Food, website. Thank you for visiting and I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed what I have put together for you so far. This is only the beginning!

So, as you can see, I have decided to take on the task of blogging. Cooking for me is a so much fun and being able to release all this personality into my dishes is such a release. People often ask me my opinions on different dishes and/or my favorite recipe. Because of those facts, I definitely think it’s time to share my thoughts and views with all my LeanBackers!

The plan is to share with you my personal experiences with food through blogging and vlogging, which I am most excited about. Please note: These are MY own thoughts, opinions, and views! While conversation is welcome, I am not here to debate. Whatever floats your boat, go for it! But seriously folks, what is there to debate about anyway, because EVERYBODY LOVES FOOD!

“But seriously folks, what is there to debate about anyway, because EVERYBODY LOVES FOOD!”

So it’s that time of year! The time where friends and family come together to celebrate the holiday season, with laughter, love, and food! In my family, for Thanksgiving we normally stick to the traditional dishes. We may throw in a little something different, but typically it’s the turkey, the greens, some chicken, green beans, cornbread, macaroni and cheese, banana pudding, dressing, potato salad…I could go on but my stomach is literally growling!

But when Christmas comes around, I think it’s the perfect time to switch it up. Notice when you go to the store, the displays are a bit different from how they looked for Thanksgiving. For an example, your meat choices will vary from turkey, to lamb, duck, pork, or seafood dishes. It’s okay to think outside the box for Christmas, in fact you will probably enjoy it. Try a different protein and dress it up. You just got rid of all that turkey from Thanksgiving and I’m pretty sure you are sick of it!

Christmas desserts…now let’s be real…no matter, what you need another sweet potato pie, but you can add some different options in there also. Try making some caramel fudge or my project this year an eggnog cheesecake!

I would like to finish my first blog by wishing everyone a Happy Holidays!! Enjoy this wonderful time of year with family and friends. Step outside the box and try something different on your Christmas menu…but no matter what you do, you and your guest will be okay because EVERYBODY LOVES FOOD!

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